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Academic Advising 101
Academic Advisor Manual
Academic Programs
Administrative Action Forms
AOP Pre-Enrollment
AOP Seat Reserves
CEU Course System
Class Overrides Request
Course Scheduling Work Copy
Degree Deficiencies
Degree Deficiencies - Graduate
Electronic Student Academic Folder
Enrollment Limit Changes
Event Scheduling
Graduate Admissions Management System (GAMS)
Graduate Assistant - Registrar Coding List
IAR Request by PID
Individual Repeat Exception
Instructor Systems
Non-Standard Course Scheduling
Office Holds Request
Readmission Applications
Request for Reinstatement
Request for RNR Override
Request for Schedule Change
RO Web Forms Security Administration
Student Information Generator
Transfer Credit Administrative Forms
Enter the Web Forms Archive
Pid Search
Special Reports and Tools:
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  ET-Extension Report
  RO Web Forms/Systems Descriptions
  Student Information System (SIS) Training
  Who's in CLIFMS?
  Who's the Department Administrator?
  For other special reports, see the University Curriculum and Catalog page
Other forms:
Agreement for Completion of (I)Incomplete - pdf
Application for Independent Study - pdf
Dual Enrollment Request - pdf
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